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BBQ For Two
(with Polly and Lea)
Product #C6743)

light pink and pink top
light pink and pink skirt
green and bright pink top
bright pink and green pants
orange and white top
orange and white shorts
bright pink top
bright pink and green shorts
green and bright pink swimsuit
yellow bikini top
yellow bikini bottom
yellow shorts
white and purple apron
yellow and pink pair of shoes
bright pink and green pair of shoes
orange and white pair of shoes
light pink and pink pair of shoes
white chef's hat
yellow visor
pink and yellow backpack
orange and pink lantern
purple and aqua tongs
aqua hamburger flipper
yellow and pink umbrella drink x4
yellow plate x2
aqua barbeque with hamburgers
purple and aqua barbeque stand
aqua chair x2
aqua table
cardboard hamburger x3
cardboard hotdog x4
cardboard shish-kabob x2
cardboard popsicle x3