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Puppy Parade
with Polly
Product #G8628

brown dog
gray dog
green, white, and pink top
green and purple skirt
purple pair of shoes
blue and purple dog sweater
pink and purple dog sweater
green and pink dog sweater
yellow and pink dog sweater
blue dog shoes x4
pink dog shoes x4
green dog shoes x4
yellow dog shoes x4
blue leash
purple leash
green leash
orange leash
blue bowl
purple bowl
green bowl
orange bowl
orange cash register
pink shopping bag x2
blue horizontal clothing hanger x2
blue vertical clothing hanger x2
purple, blue, and orange treat stand
orange table
orange chair x2
cardboard sign
cardboard prop: green treat box
cardboard prop: red treat box
cardboard prop: container of biscuits
cardboard prop: tray of biscuits
cardboard prop: platter of biscuits
cardboard prop: cake
cardboard prop: red card
cardboard prop: green card
cardboard prop: blue card